by: Bruce Salkovitz

Simple, Secure, Compliant.

Small life sciences teams produce and manage a great deal of R&D documentation. Their development partners and other external resources add to this content throughout the R&D lifecycle. This documentation represents years of time, effort and money and it is incredibly valuable. It should be managed and protected like any other important asset.

But traditionally, small teams have had to wrestle with document management solutions that were built for larger teams. These solutions typically require customization, long implementation projects and an existing IT infrastructure.

What they really need is a solution that is… SIMPLE, SECURE and COMPLIANT.

This series of blogs will discuss what this means and how small companies can have the capabilities they require without the burden of a large, complex and expensive solution.

When we describe document management as SIMPLE, we must look at the whole product – from interface to implementation. A solution with a simple interface that requires significant customization is not a solution for small teams.


Smaller teams must be nimble. An intuitive interface is absolutely essential if they are going to realize the benefits of a document management solution. Small teams don’t have the luxury of taking a week of training classes to learn how to store documents and versions. A simple interface is also important to increase adoption of the solution and maintain its use on a daily basis. If users don’t understand it, they won’t use it.

Preconfigured vs. Customizations

Solutions that require significant customization are of little value to small teams. Preconfigured solutions that leverage familiar industry standards enable small teams to ramp up quickly and take advantage of the best practices and knowledge that we as an industry have learned in the last twenty-five years.

Cloud architecture

Many small organizations don’t have an information technology infrastructure other than their laptops and email. The cloud removes the need for establishing servers, installing operating systems, databases, and applications and managing those technology components. With cloud-based architectures, heavy IT infrastructure is no longer required which means that the need for IT support is also significantly reduced.


Small teams can’t afford lengthy and expensive implementation projects. They need to acquire needed capabilities and begin to secure their valuable documentation and using their DMS solution quickly and efficiently.

Gemstone Document Management

Gemstone Document Management was built in the cloud to enable small teams to enjoy the benefits of document management across the R&D lifecycle. Familiar metaphors of cabinets, folders, and documents in a single click interface displaying content on selection and has a single menu for options, minimizing training and increasing user acceptance.

The filing structure for life sciences is based on the DIA Document Reference Model and augmented by experienced Facet Product Development Champions. By employing industry standards in a preconfigured hierarchy, we are able to reduce implementation times significantly. Most user training sessions can be conducted within an hour. Implementation activities are quick so that teams can be in production within days or hours instead of months.

Gemstone simplifies storing, versioning and locking approved documents with the ability to plan a submission and build a package containing all the documents and metadata needed for successful regulatory publishing.

Download our White Paper, “The Right Tool Makes the Job Easier: Document Management for Small Teams”.

Small teams no longer have to struggle with multiple copies and versions on shared file systems. Gemstone offers the simplicity of a file share with the security and compliance of a proven document management solution. Gemstone is truly the SIMPLE document management solution for small teams with big goals.