Gemstone Packaging

The When, How and Why You Need Gemstone


Secure your asset

You are a scientist and/or CEO. You have a valuable new device, molecule, or delivery modality: a rare gem. You have proprietary background materials and early development information that require secure storage and controlled sharing. You need a secure, reliable and compliant tool to protect your asset.
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Collaboration, clinical testing and growth

You are ready to get your rare gem into and through clinical development. You need to share documents with a lead scientist or a contract research group. You keep control of your documents and data while enabling collaboration with key team members.
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FDA Submissions

Prepare and organize documentation

Your gem is being polished to perfection. You are preparing to submit a marketing application. You can finalize documents while simultaneously organizing for FDA submission and preparing for your submission publishing partner in a safe and secure environment.
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Due Diligence

Facilitate due diligence reviews

At any stage in development, you may want to share information with investors or position your company and/or asset for acquisition. You’ve also got full control to grant read only access for the due diligence or review process as needed.
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What if none of these sound like you?

We understand that not every organization will fit neatly into a package. You can easily add extra seats at any time.

If you are still not sure which configuration is best for you, our experts can help craft a custom package that addresses your immediate needs for secure and compliant document management and can still grow with you.