Marketing Application Submission

  • 6+ Users
  • 3 to 12 Month Plan
  • Secure And Compliant
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  • Scalable, Grows With You

Prepare and organize submission documentation

Your gem is being polished to perfection. You and your team are preparing to submit a marketing application to the FDA. You can finalize documents while simultaneously organizing and preparing them for your submission publishing partner in a safe and secure environment.

Why this makes sense:

When you are preparing for a regulatory submission, you need to provide secure access for several users in several different roles. This approach allows you to organize submission packages for your publishing partner while content is being finalized. You, have visibility into all the evolving submission components as they are finalized. Your users might be:

  1. You the CEO
  2. Your R&D team
  3. Your content writing partner
  4. Your publishing preparation partner
  5. Clinical and quality reviewers

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