Project Description

Vice President of Business Development

I started my career in technology in 1999 as a technical support rep that helped people get their 14.4 KB modems connected to the internet. Life on the job was crazy but I met a ton of great people. From there I moved into managing the call center and then onto training the new support reps. The dot com bubble was in full swing. It was during this time that I began working with the sales staff. I taught people how to sell my company’s “Managed Web Hosting” product line which is now called the “Cloud”. I was offered a role on the sales team once the bubble began to deflate. This move turned into the most fulfilling job I have ever had. I never looked back. The team I worked with was great and I fell in love with solution sales. My coworkers will tell you that I am humble with just a hint of Kanye. I relish helping companies achieve their goals and enjoy celebrating those successes.

In my free time, I love spending time outdoors, especially fishing, hunting and archery. I also spend quite a bit of time volunteering at my church.

Currently my family consists of me, my wife and teenage son. We have three dogs, a cockatiel and a chameleon. I love to cook. Currently, when I’m not Bar-B-Qing on my custom smoker, you can find me cooking my signature raspberry-chipotle salmon. I really enjoy watching people devour meals that I have prepared. Growing up I had typical dreams of becoming a fighter pilot and then heading off to the major leagues to play baseball. I am a lifetime Texas Rangers fan. My mom would tell you that the Rangers lost to the Kansas City Royals on May 6, 1975 because she was listening to the game while giving birth to me. When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with my family and working on home improvement projects.