Associate Product Development Champion

While growing up, I was always fascinated with medicine and wanted to be associated with the medical sciences because I wanted to play a role in alleviating disease and sickness from society. Well, I did not make it to Medical School, but I chose the best alternative for me.  I completed my MSc. in Biotechnology, and after working for some time as Research Associate in biotechnology labs, I moved into pharmaceutical research and development.  Here, I learned all about the drug discovery process.  From molecule screening to in-vivo assays, to pharmacology and toxicology studies, to FDA submissions, all the way through drug approval – the process fascinated me!  Being a part of that process by helping Sponsors in navigating their product applications to approval became my passion.   My deep desire to learn more in this area lead me to earn my RAC certificate, and I’m currently finishing my second MS degree in Drug Discovery and Development from Rutgers University.  I doubt I will stop there – I aspire to obtain my doctorate in regulatory science!

When I am not working with the FDA or doing drug development work, I have a very active “Mom” role that includes chaffering, laundering, cooking, teaching, and so much more.  Being a Mom has an endless list of responsibilities.  I also sell Girl Scout cookies with my daughters, but they are so tasty I end up buying everything.  We love to have Krispy Kreme donuts every Sunday and do not mind driving 30 miles in rain or snow to get them!

I am very outgoing and friendly.  I love talking to people, literally anywhere (in the grocery store, in the neighborhood)!  My husband calls me “Mayor of the town”.  My personality works well with our family’s love of travel.  Once it is safe to travel again, I want to see the Northern lights in Norway and the great city of Paris.