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Potential Errors and Corrections in Early Phase Drug Development

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Potential Errors and Corrections in Early Phase Drug Development


Many foreign and small companies trying to enter the United States biopharmaceutical market make avoidable errors in their early clinical phase drug development and clinical trials. They need to first understand the risks that they must endure with patent law, regulatory hurdles, the complexity and duration of the necessary clinical trials, and the large cost of drug development, which often necessitates raising substantial capital from investors. If appropriate capital for these clinical studies must be raised, then the company must be able to clearly articulate a realistic expected return on investment to these individuals. So, they must also understand the market, its exclusivity, and the competition. This must all be put together in a sleek pitch deck. Early errors frequently begin with too few, inadequate, or poorly constructed patents. These and other risks and errors may be prevented by the use of an experienced product development team. Many of these errors could be avoided if companies used more experienced drug development professionals to assist them in selecting the optimum patent strategy, regulatory plan, budget, contract research organization (CRO), clinical investigators, and etc. It is hoped that this opinion piece will help make early clinical trials more effective and save time and money.

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