The Facet Life Sciences services team is comprised of development, regulatory affairs, and regulatory writing experts who have scientific degrees and over 100 years of combined experience in the pharmaceutical, biologics, biopharmaceutical, and/or device industry. All staff have worked for both large and small companies, so each expert brings the knowledge and experience of a large organization with the skills and mindset of a small and nimble innovator company to add unique value to every project.

We offer the following flagship services

U.S. Agent

Preparation and Support for Health Authority Meetings

Gap Analysis

Regulatory & Clinical Strategy

Regulatory Submission Leadership

Regulatory & Scientific Review of Submission Documents

Regulatory Analysis of Product Risk/Success

Product Labeling & Risk Management

Medical Writing of Submission Documents

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In addition, we offer Executive Leadership Guidance, Regulatory Intelligence, and Market Analysis. Through our partners, we also provide Submission Publishing and Biometric Services.