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Ken VanLuvanee, President & CEO  
It was a wonderful 2023 for the team at Facet Life Sciences.  We had some fun, welcomed several new team members into the Facet family, joined hands with several new clients, and advanced some awesome science.  We even collected a few recognitions along the way.

As we have each year for several years now, the Facet team met face-to-face in January to have some fun and discuss our plans.  New Orleans was the perfect place for us to meet up, align on the year’s goals, and experience some great hospitality.  The entire team will be talking about our Pirate’s Walking Tour and our Tastes of New Orleans tour for a long time.

Along the route of helping several companies bring new therapies, even new therapy categories, to FDA and into the clinic, we took a couple of quick stops to receive recognition as a Top Regulatory Services provider from Life Sciences Review magazine and to be acknowledged as a certified Great Place to Work.  Both were wonderful achievements and we’re very proud of the recognition.  The latter was especially satisfying, as our team members were the deciding factor in being named a Great Place to Work.

Often we’re asked to do something that’s never been done before and we do it successfully (I stole this line from Facet’s COO, but it’s true!).  2023 was no exception, leading us to plan an expansion in 2024.  We are excited to now offer both strategic statistics services and strategic commercialization services as part of our portfolio in 2024.  These new services have been integrated into our existing suite of R&D focused services to ensure that our Sponsors are receiving a “bench to market” view of their product, still with that Facet edge that makes our solutions unique.  By enabling this breadth of integrated services, Facet’s clients can be assured that their R&D programs are adding value to the assets at each and every step.

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