Facet Gemstone

Electronic Document Management System (eDMS)

Built entirely in the cloud, Gemstone is a SaaS-based solution with no installation or downloads required. The solution is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant and because it is cloud-based, the traditional “installed software” assumptions associated with validating an eDMS do not apply. The intuitive user interface streamlines the user experience and facilitates rapid adoption across teams.

Available Package Details

Document management is needed at every stage of drug development. Every business is different, and customization is available.

“Personal hard drives, shared drives, or document sharing tools in the cloud are no substitute for good document management to control and protect your research investment. Using Gemstone takes care of all of this while streamlining authoring and approval processes to help early stage teams avoid expensive and time-consuming document migration projects.”

Discovery and Early Development

Secure your asset

You are a scientist and/or CEO. You have a valuable new device, molecule, or delivery modality: a rare gem. You have proprietary background materials and early development information that require secure storage and controlled sharing. You need a secure, reliable and compliant tool to protect your asset.
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IND and Clinical Development

Collaboration, clinical testing and growth

You are ready to get your rare gem into and through clinical development. You need to share documents with a lead scientist or a contract research group. You keep control of your documents and data while enabling collaboration with key team members.
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Marketing Application Submissions

Prepare and organize documentation

Your gem is being polished to perfection. You are preparing to submit a marketing application. You can finalize documents while simultaneously organizing for FDA submission and preparing for your submission publishing partner in a safe and secure environment.
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Due Diligence Review Facilitation

Facilitate due diligence reviews

At any stage in development, you may want to share information with investors or position your company and/or asset for acquisition. You’ve also got full control to grant read only access for the due diligence or review process as needed.
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The rationale behind Facet Gemstone is to offer a simple document management solution for small teams that supports the complex development document lifecycle. Facet Gemstone is the essential productivity tool for R&D professionals. It enables content driven processes with simple, secure and compliant features.