Project Description

Product Development Champion

I have always enjoyed science; even as a small child my Dad and I would do “experiments” with items around the house.  While in college, I decided I wanted to be a “scientific writer”.  Looking back, I don’t think I really knew what that meant, but I always wanted to make science easy for everyone to understand.  I believe that desire has been instrumental in my career – understanding a disease state and how a drug works allows for writing clear, concise documents – understanding what a client wants allows for asking the right question(s) to get the necessary feedback to progress a program.  I think my colleagues would probably describe me as thorough, but that helps me ensure I can guide our clients appropriately to achieve their goals.

In my free time, I enjoy reading a good book (especially historical fiction, science fiction, or a good mystery), knitting, crocheting, or watching a movie.  When the weather is nice, my sweetheart and I enjoy driving down a road just to see where it goes.  We recently started driving around (using all backroads) to visit county courthouses.  We get to see some truly beautiful country and visit new places.  We often stop to “see the sites”, eat at local small restaurants, and experience life for a little while in a different town.  We also enjoy stopping at local bars where I often ask the bartender to surprise me with something fun and fruity.  Sometimes the drinks are amazing !!!

A goal I have for my life is to visit all 50 states and all major bodies of water in the US.  I love seeing what life is like and how people behave in different parts of the country, as well as seeing the country side and enjoying what each state has to offer.  It is interesting how some areas are very friendly, while others … well, it’s always interesting.