Product Development Champion

Josh grew up on a 20 acre farm in Kentucky.  At some moment, he decided that chemistry was super cool, and that development of medications was a great use of chemical principles.  Accordingly, Josh pursued doctoroal studies at the University of Kentucky in Pharmaceutical Sciences where his work focused on transdermal drug delivery of naltrexone prodrugs for the treatment of alcoholism and opioid addiction.  After acquiring his doctoral degree, Josh joined the pharmaceutical industry in startup and mid-sized company roles that ultimately led to appointments at flagship organizations focused on transdermal drug delivery (Noven Pharmaceuticals/Hisamitsu) and many other forms of drug delivery (GSK/Haleon Consumer Healthcare).  Accordingly, Josh has eleven years of CMC experience including drug synthesis, pharmaceutics, pilot scale manufacturing, and commercial scale GMP manufacturing.  Also, Josh gained three years of experience in regulatory compliance and regulatory CMC along the way.

Josh enjoys macrophotography, macrovideography and music composition when he is not working.  His content can be found on a ridiculous number of social media platforms.  However, Josh makes no guarantees about the quality of the entertainment, and he assumes no liability for any wild disappointments that may be felt when viewing or listening to his creations.  Troll comments are welcomed if attended by some minor amount of constructive criticism to instruct improvement.  Otherwise, appropriate warning has herewith been extended.