Associate Product Development Champion

Justin’s love of the sciences came from his fourth grade teacher, Mr. Ryan  He clearly remembers Mr. Ryan growing bacteria on a petri dishes and absolutely loved seeing what grew!  From there, Justin’s fascination of the sciences began – from space to bacteriophages which ultimately lead him into Pharmacy.  During Justin’s clinical rotations in pharmacy school, he got to explore many pharmacy specialties such critical care, long term care, and cardiology.  Of course, his personal favorites are oncology, infectious diseases (e.g., HIV), internal medicine, and ambulatory care.  A huge thanks to his preceptors!

After graduating pharmacy school, Justin took some time to really dive deep into what he wanted to do professionally.  He decided to explore patient safety and became involved in drug safety/pharmacovigilance activities.  Justin gained exporsure to regulations on post-marketing reporting of adverse events in drugs, specifically looking at the intial assesment of seriousness, expectedness, causality and reportability.  In all, Justin’s collective experience led him to a better understanding of possible life-saving therapies, how he could provide a different perspective on regulatory affairs and product development, and how he could facilitate making product development dreams into realities.

In Justin’s spare time, you will find him with his friends exploring the Philadelphia area trying out new foods or doodling away on random pieces of paper to perfect his art skills.  During the pandemic, Justin ended up developing an “unhealthy” obsession with house plants, but can you blame him? They are so amazing to watch, grow and tend!  His favorite is his monstera!

If that wasn’t enough, he loves to play tennis, work out/run, and hang out with his tuxedo cat named Copernicus.

Justin would describe himself as a very curious person, always willing to learn new concepts or skills! Some of his bucket list items to learn are bee keeping, glass blowing, and wild mushroom harvesting.  He also dreams of setting foot on Antartica (because who doesn’t?)!