Product Development Champion

Marcoita is a Product Development Champion with over 10 years’ professional Toxicology and regulatory consulting experience. Her prior experience includes senior positions in both smaller and larger regulatory consulting firms, and has supported various nonclinical strategies for a variety of products in all stages of development.

Her curiosity and interest in the pharmaceutical world began in the second grade when her close friend was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. Going forward she had to be brave and use a finger prick to monitor her sugar levels (which everyone thought was SO COOL). It was SO interesting to see how, after her friend started to feel bad, something like a quick insulin shot (and sometimes just a snack) would instantly make her feel better. She was so curious about what it was that made her friend’s body function differently from hers, and how substances like insulin cured her condition!

It was during her formal eduation that Marcoita really got the chance to nerd out and explore her passion for science! Thanks to a few awesome professors, and long nights (too many to count), she ultimately graduated from East Carolina University with a BS degree in Neuroscience, a BS degree in Chemistry, and a BS degree in Biology. Following this, she earned an Interdisciplinary PhD in Pharmacology/Toxicology and Physiology from the Brody School of Medicine, and completed a 3-year Postdoctoral fellowship in Toxicology at the Bowles Center for Alcohol Studies at UNC Chapel Hill.

Marcoita is a natural people person, a creative thinker, and LOVES a good challenge! Her most favorite thing about working at Facet is having the opportunity to work alongside world class cross-disciplinary experts to help sponsors create solutions to complex problems in product development.  She’s also a true Southern Girl, born and raised—Sunday suppers, Southern hospitality, loyalty and dependability, and WAY too much sweet tea!  When she is not off somewhere “building a better mousetrap” for clients, you can find her either runnng after her two very energetic and adorable children, or sitting on any of the sunny, warm Carolina beaches with a glass of Chardonnay every chance she gets. She also is desperate to become some sort of gardner (or at least not murder her plants every year) and relive her old glory days as a tennis champ (LOL), so she’s working on those as well.