Product Development Champion

Bill is a Southern California native who grew up in what television would later call the “OC.” His education and career took him to Central California (San Luis Obispo), Reno Nevada, New Haven Connecticut, Cleveland and then Cincinnati Ohio, and once again to the Reno-Sparks area of Nevada. He is now once again in the good graces of his mother-in-law after bringing her daughter back home to Northern Nevada.

Bill’s love of science began in the second grade, ignited by a fascination with dinosaurs and the space program. By the time the sixth grade rolled around it was clear biology and chemistry were both too interesting to choose between, so biochemistry seemed the logical path to pursue. This choice was further supported by a growing interest to contribute to the understanding and/or treatment of diseases. This inspiration culminated in his receiving a Ph.D. in Biochemistry in the areas of biochemical pharmacology, toxicology, and allelopathy of polyphenolic and quinoidal natural products from the University of Nevada-Reno. From there it was off to New Haven Connecticut for a postdoctoral position in the Pharmacology department at the Yale University School of Medicine to study the mechanisms of action and resistance to antineoplastic bioreductive alkylating agents and radiotherapy. He was afforded the opportunity to join the research faculty in Pharmacology and become a member of the Yale Comprehensive Cancer Center (YCCC), Developmental Therapeutics Program (DTP) (Try putting all that on a coffee cup. Apparently it was not easy and probably explains his receiving 2 coffee cups, one from the Pharmacology department and the other from the YCCC). As an Associate Research Scientist he studied the roles of tumor pathophysiology, in particular solid tumor microenvironments, in the treatment of cancer with chemotherapy, radiation, and combined modality regimens that were affectionately referred to by the physicians as “Chemo-Beamo.”

After 7 years as an Associate Research Scientist, Bill was wooed into the world of the small- to medium-sized pharmaceutical companies by the promise of taking basic research to produce drug products to treat disease (where the “rubber meets the road” as the saying goes). Also working for smaller pharma companies provided the opportunities to “wear more than one hat” and to expand and grow in new areas of pharmaceutical discovery and development. His desire to keep learning and willingness step outside of his comfort zone has afforded him the opportunities to not only work in the area of early drug discovery, but also ADME, PK, safety pharmacology, toxicology, CMC, and regulatory affairs. His initiative while working at a contract research laboratory resulted in the creation of a new division and new leadership position within the company and an expansion of the company’s market. In this role, Bill gained experience in finance, marketing, along with resource and project management which allows him to better understand the needs and challenges faced by small pharma companies and gave him the tools and experience to help small pharma, biopharma, and medical device companies make it to clinical trials and ultimately to market with a new products to treat patients. The ability to work with great and talented individuals and the devotion to helping small companies, are among a number of reasons why Bill is thrilled and proud to be a member of the Facet team.

When he not wearing his Product Development Champion hat and strategizing a scientific and regulatory nonclinical drug development plan or putting together a regulatory submission, Bill can currently be found playing tennis, hiking, camping, kayaking (especially with Lake Tahoe being nearby), tinkering with both old and new cars, or working on some DIY project around the house.