The Myth of Being Special

by Lisa Jenkins VanLuvanee I believe that people are special. They are a unique combination of both intrinsic factors and external experiences. Even identical twins who share the same genetic compliment are different from one another in personality, desires, goals, objectives, and lifestyles. Like a snowflake, no two people on [click to read the full story]

Document Management for Small Teams, Part 2: SECURE

by: Bruce Salkovitz Introduction This blog is second in a series that describes the essential requirements of a document management solution for small life sciences teams. Facet Life Sciences defines the three critical attributes as: Simple, Secure and Compliant. This blog will focus on the requirement for security. We look [click to read the full story]

Document Management for Small Teams, Part 1: SIMPLE

by: Bruce Salkovitz Simple, Secure, Compliant. Small life sciences teams produce and manage a great deal of R&D documentation. Their development partners and other external resources add to this content throughout the R&D lifecycle. This documentation represents years of time, effort and money and it is incredibly valuable. It should [click to read the full story]

Facet (formerly VRS) Exhibits at AusBiotech 2015

Suburban Philadelphia, PA – USA – September 1, 2015 – Facet Life Sciences Inc. (formerly VRS), the leading provider of expert regulatory solutions designed for small teams, today announced that the Company will be exhibiting at AusBiotech 2015 on October 7-9, 2015. The conference is Australia’s premier biotechnology conference and will [click to read the full story]